OUR 2017 WINNERS and thier winning Jewellery collections.

See their winning pieces below.


Mbako Baraedi

Oodi College of Applied Arts and Technology

Mbako BaraediMbako Baraedi is a jewellery designer and manufacturer who loves reading and doing research. He believes in the value of planning and being able to multitask. His collection, ‘Li-Phant’, was inspired by a lion’s paw print – symbolising power – and an elephant trunk, which curled around a diamond represents the bond between wildlife and diamonds, both of which are natural resources requiring careful management..


Richardlee Shoombe
“It Begins with Us’”

Arts Performance Centre, Tsumeb

Richardlee ShoombeRichardlee Shoombe enrolled at the age of 12 at the Arts Performance Centre in the mining town Tsumeb, Namibia. He sees himself as a visual arts educator and loves learning. Richardlee’s collection, ‘It Begins with Us’, drew inspiration from the idea that human emotions can be a driving force for artistic expression and positive change, especially towards protecting nature.


Andile Mbeje
“Crowning Glory”

Tshwane University of Technology

Andile MbejeAndile Mbeje is from Durban, South Africa, and studies at Tshwane University of Technology. He dreams of working as a jewellery designer for an international company and is keen to hone his skills in commercial jewellery design. Andile’s  collection, ‘Crowning Glory’, is inspired by South Africa’s Kudu, with its curled horns a highlight of its natural beauty.

Mbako Baraedi
Richardlee Shoombe
Andile Mbeje

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