OUR 2015 FINALISTS and thier winning Jewellery collections.

See the finalists profiles and diffusion line collections, including, a ring, a braclet, a pendant and earrings.

Mpho Mokgatle: “Infinate Portion”

Oodi College of Applied Arts & Technology, Gabarone

The name of my collection “Infinite Portion” is derived from a human twist of fingers which is a sign of promise usually done by people to show their promises and commitment. To do this it takes an individual’s determination endurance discipline and trust; this brought into my mind a picture of interwoven cross roads that to me showcase the strength of an enduring bond that is united and will last longer.

Around the world are many cross roads and there is only one way to the ideal destination which is forever marked and its promise. A diamond in the center of the ring represents a woman’s heart, a flowing fountain of love which brings hope, and that is where her husband dwells.

Julius Brettschneider:

“Immortal Gateway”

Adrian & Meyer Jewellers

To many cultures, the circle is the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end. The hole in the center of the ring also has significance. It isn’t just considered a space, but rather a gateway leading to things and events both known and unknown. To give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love.

I have designed the earrings to seamlessly plug into the bangle for decoration. The ring’s shank is  designed with a hinge so that it can also fold Into itself and also become a pendant.

Gaia Mather-Pike: “Embrace”

Stellenbosch University.

The designs of my collection are a play of metal that show a range of jewellery embracing the promise of the eternal gem within.

The inspiration for this collection was the idea of a promise as an embrace that symbolizes a strong and unified bond between two people. The collection has playful yet solid aspects to the design that add to the idea of a modern, contemporary collection that symbolizes a strong and lasting relationship.

Ichen Lu: “Binding Love”

Durban University of Technology

My design aesthetics revolves around the use of soft feminine shapes while still maintaining a strong sense of form.

In the development of my designs, I referenced the traditional Chinese square knot as a link to the Forevermark Promise. The word for knot in Chinese is平結 [píng jié] which has auspicious meanings: equality, stability, steady, prosperity and peace. It is these qualities that I felt were relevant to my understanding of a promise that a diamond represents. I used the physical aspects of the knot as elements in my design to enhance and accentuate the diamonds, which stand out in my simple, feminine yet striking forms. The title of my collection, “Binding Love” comes from the idea that knots like promises should not be broken and should be binding, especially the promise of eternal love.

Maryke Bester: “Intertwined”

University of Stellenbosch

My collection “Intertwined”, is inspired by a simple principle taught to me by my Sensei from my karate classes; close: strong, far: weak. It is something he says a lot in training, but I always thought that it pertains better to love and life. Promises form bonds, one lone branch of a tree is weak, but, like these bonds, when they are all bound together, it becomes strong.  I think of myself as an honest and sincere person who keeps her word. A promise it something I keep very dear to my heart, as are the trees of my childhood home and the principles taught to me by my Sensei.

Nihal Shah: “La fusion des âmes”

Durban University of Technology

I developed my collection using the embellishments that adorn wedding vehicles. My thought process stemmed from the simplistic use of a ribbon that is tied on either sides of the car and comes together as one. I found this simple decoration symbolic, as it depicts the coming together of two individuals, two souls, two lives and two families.  Hence the name of his collection La fusion des âmes, which in French loosely translates to ‘the coming together of souls’. 

My collection is a symbol of eternal love, a declaration of a couple’s honour to each other, and a constant reminder of the promise made. My designs express the power of synergy, where two individuals become stronger when they are bound together by love.

Ruan Coetzee: “Binding”

Durban University of Technology

Having visualised my collection around the theme of knots; symbolic of binding, holding and uniting, my design development largely made use of CAD. Using subdivision modelling, a technique used by animation films, I was able to push and pull the forms around the diamonds to shape them in the same way a sculptor might manipulate clay.

The designs for my “Binding” collection have clean lines and smooth transitions. The aim was to flaunt the diamonds by complimenting them with simple forms that are striking, while still being understated enough to be worn every day.

Siobhan Borain: “New Promise”

University of Stellenbosch

My “New Promise” collection is inspired by the purity of a white, beautiful lily about to bloom. A bud holds the promise of a new life and a great love. It speaks of the possibilities that your future in marriage holds.

The diamond represents the promise of your great love and is cradled, delicately, by a blossoming, beautiful lily. The design is classic and elegantly simplistic and speaks of the promise of eternal love and beauty. The “New Promise”, you will make as a couple, is precious and everlasting. For every new beginning, or chapter in your life, add another piece from the line to your collection.

Thomy Vencatasawmy:

Durban University of Technology

I was drawn to the idea of bonds between people and connected the imagery of bonds with the physical act of tying a knot. A knot fastens components together, as a ring becomes a symbol that fastens two people together in engagement and marriage.

I named my collection “Coalescence”, because it means to unite or to bond, like a couple promises to unify for life through the act of marriage. This is a lot like the natural process in which diamonds are created by bonding natural minerals together to create something everlasting.


Lilja Desanka Hastie:
“Forever Intertwined”

Tshwane University of Technology

My collection is inspired by the romance of marriage and the promise that binds the union of true love and that their hearts will forever be intertwined.

The twisted shank symbolises two lives intertwined and tied by a diamond infinity band; the band serves as a bezel for the hero diamond, and the ultimate meaning for the diamond is eternity and love bonding the commitment of two people. All this is symbolised in the ring design, and it is carried through the entire collection that includes a pendant, earrings and a bangle.

Louise Kriek: “Timeless Love”

Tshwane University of Technology.

Time stretches into eternity; it is the only constant we use to measure the passing of the seasons and our lives. We measure time by the passage of the sun as it casts its shadow on the numbers carved into the sundial. Some would say that time is the only constant in the universe, but all those who have found true love can at least say that love is constant; forever. This is a range of beautiful and elegant handmade jewellery incorporating the timeless of the most precious hand selected diamonds, showcasing the eternal character of true love between two souls. The delicate scrollwork patterns of my “Timeless Love” range points to the heart of the diamond, just as the sundial points out  time. The twelve pavé set diamonds each represent an hour of the sundial. These exquisite diamonds will stand the test of time, and so your love.

Madeli Viljoen: “Infinitely Forever”

Tshwane University of Technology

finalists-art_face_MadeliI interpreted the Promise theme of this competition as something that is precious, powerful, unbreakable and eternal. These four attributes of a true promise is represented by the four claws as seen from the top views embracing the stone. The setting of each of these precious diamonds is what sets them apart and make for a unique piece of jewellery that is timeless - Infinitely Forever, my collection’s name. The design is classic and ageless, inspired by the promise a Forevermark diamond gives to last forever and always. Two intertwined infinity symbols make up the basis of the collet and cradles each stone. This echoes the most important part of a promise – Infinitely Forever.

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