About Forevermark – The Inscription

Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond and be inscribed with the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number. Highly advanced, proprietary technology is used to inscribe the icon and unique identification number on the table facet of a Forevermark diamond.  Invisible to the naked eye, the actual size of the inscription found on Forevermark diamonds is only 1/20th of a micron deep and can only be seen using a special Forevermark viewer which can be found in Authorised Forevermark Jewellers. It is confirmed by leading gemological institutes that the Forevermark inscription does not affect the internal quality of a diamond in any way.

About Forevermark – The Brand

Forevermark is a diamond brand which comes from De Beers Group. Forevermark diamonds are carefully selected and come from sources committed to high standards; are beautifully crafted by a select group of diamantaires; and are exclusively available in select jewellers.

About Forevermark – The Company

Forevermark is part of De Beers Group.  The division’s main mission is to build and develop the Forevermark diamond brand.  Forevermark also holds responsibility within De Beers Group for driving diamond demand in key markets and maintaining consumer confidence in diamonds.


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De Beers is a member of the Anglo American Group. Established in 1988, De Beers is the world’s leading rough diamond company with unrivaled expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds. De Beers, and its joint venture partner, employ more than 20,000 people (directly and as contractors).

De Beers is the world’s largest diamond producer by value with mining operations in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada. As part of the company’s operating philosophy, the people of De Beers are committed to Living up to Diamonds by making a lasting contribution to the communities in which they live and work. In the countries in which we have mining operations, this means carrying out profitable business, whilst at the same time helping Governments achieve their aspirations of turning natural resources into shared national wealth.

De Beers encourages sustainable working to ensure long-term positive development for Africa, and returns more than US$2.0 billion to the continent every year.









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Forevermark® and Shining Light Awards  are Trade Marks of De Beers Group
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