The designer must be Inspired by the theme of  Heroines & Heritage.

  1. The design should be the inspiration for a diffusion line collection consisting of:
    1. One solitaire ring (with or without pavé on shank)
    2. One set of earrings (with or without pavé)
    3. One pendant  (with or without pavé)
    4. One bracelet or bangle (not both - with or without pavé)
    5. Name of the collection with a brief description (less than 150 words)

Botswana, Canada, Namibia
& South Africa

17h00, Thursday 31 January 2019



Click here to download: “How to translate a creative brief into a diamond jewellery collection”.



  • All South African entrants are required to submit their design sketches/drawings to De Beers Group Corporate Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa by no later than 17h00, Thursday 31 January 2019.
  • All Namibian entrants are required to submit their design sketches/drawings Namibian Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) at the Namdeb Building in Windhoek, Namibia by no later than 17h00, Thursday 31 January 2019.
  • All Botswana entrants are required to submit their design sketches/drawings to De Beers Group Global Sightholder Sales Office in Gaborone, Botswana by no later than 17h00, Thursday 31 January 2019.
  • All Canadian entrants are required to submit their design by no later than 17h00, 30 November 2019. Submission address details are still being finalised and will be posted on this site when more information becomes available.
  • Preliminary judging will take place in Gaborone (Botswana) as the host country for the 2018/19 campaign. The panel of judges will comprise of members from De Beers Group and various other industry professionals.
  • Up to 12 designs from each country will make up De Beers Group Designers Initiative Shining Light Awards Competition for 2019. These  top 12 selected designs / collections per country will be exhibited in their respective countries as the second stage of judging. From all of these, 4 finalists per country will finally compete for the ultimate country  winner of the DDI Shining Light Awards. The decisions of the Board of Judges panel will be final and no discussions can and will be entered into.


  • This competition is open to  jewellers (only wholesale or manufacturing), jewellery designers and persons actively involved in the design and manufacture of precious jewellery IN ADDITION to anyone involved in a creative discipline (textile design, graphic design, fashion design and fine art) in  Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa .
  • Jewellers who do not have design facilities within their own organisations may submit designs commissioned from outside sources
  • Employees of De Beers Group may not enter the competition.
  • Only Recent Graduates (having graduated in under 2 years in relevant programmes) are eligible.
  • Entries will only be accepted from citizens of BOTSWANA, CANADA, NAMIBIA AND SOUTH AFRICA.


Anyone submitting a design for the competition must complete, in full, the entry form.

To facilitate judging, and to avoid misrepresentation, all entry forms must be completed in English.  The form must include the name of the designer creating the design submitted and a brief description of the piece. 

If the design is larger or smaller than the piece it represents the scale must be given as part of the description.

NB: In the past designs have been submitted in scales as large as 5:1.  This has made rings and bracelets look like necklaces.  The scale should be no larger than necessary to show design details.

The winners selected must be the organisation or individual named on the entry forms originally submitted in respect of the winning designs.  No change can be made to entry forms after the designs have been selected.


Final judging will take place in June 2019 and will be held in in Botswana. The decision of the Board of Judges panel will be final and no discussions can and will be entered into.

The names of all entrants will be kept in strictest confidence.


The results of the Board of Judges decisions will be sent via post to the winners and published on local newspapers that last week of June 2019.


Winning designs may be manufactured by a sponsor, designer or a manufacturer agreed by both the sponsor and designer.  

If a design is selected to be manufactured, the manufactured jewellery will be owned by the sponsor but the designer will retain the intellectual property rights in the designs. However neither the manufacturer, designer nor sponsor can manufacture a duplicate of the jewellery whilst the original still forms part of the official Shining Light collection. 

The manufactured pieces will be held by De Beers Group until January 2020 to cover local market ad-hoc PR opportunities. Their pieces will remain part of the official Shining Light Collection until that date.

Winners should ensure that any sponsor(s) (financial or other) of their creation agree the pieces need not be returned before then.



  • Designs submitted must be a collection / suites of jewellery
  • All pieces must be part of the same theme
  • Designs must be original and not previously been entered into any other design competition, offered for sale or publicly displayed
  • Designs MAY NOT include imitation, synthetic or man-made gems; treated or otherwise processed diamonds; other gemstones (i.e. emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite); semi-precious stones; pearls; or pieces of ivory, tortoiseshell or any materials from endangered species
  • Designs that do not conform to this rule will not be accepted, neither will actual models of finished pieces


Competitors will need to supply their prosposal with the following support:

  • A full collection is required, all pieces must be part of the same theme
  • Prefered Rhino or similar 3D program, scale 2:1. Please create a disc with your 3D design files for your hard copy delivery
  • If 3D technology is not available, an asymmetrical 2D or 3D drawing will be required scale at least 1;1 – 2;1 preferred
  • Technical drawing of ONLY the ring is required - At a later stage the other pieces may be required.
  • Only one hero diamond minimum size 14pts – maximum 1.5-2carats. All pavé or embellishment must 0.05pts or below (0.03 preferred)
  • Gold (no specific carat) any colour, platinum, palladium or silver. No other materials allowed, unless designing a bracelet, then a different material may be used. In this case a sample photo and production specification will then be required.
  • Loop to hold pendant must be at least 2.8 mm in diameter for chain clasp to pass through
  • Clasps, opening and closing mechanisms (earring/bracelets), at choice
  • Pieces may have movement so hooks etc. at choice. Robustness must be assured.
  • A mood/story board (images) with a written description (150 words) of the idea as well as a name for the collection


Design sketches, colour photographs and models not selected by the Board of Judges will be returned to the appropriate local office in that market.

Designs will be held for three months from the date of final judging, after which if their return has not been requested they will be destroyed.


While every effort is made to keep designs in good condition, De Beers Group cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by the postal systems.


  • De Beers Group shall arrange official photography of the winning pieces in a style and manner to be determined at their sole discretion. Winning designers and their sponsors will be given the rights to use these images if required. But all intellectual property rights remain with De Beers Group
  • De Beers Group shall, similarly, arrange for the creation of publicity materials (featuring official photography only).
  • De Beers Group will use reasonable endeavours to promote appropriate coverage of the winning pieces in the consumer and trade press internationally and by entering the competition you agree to this.  However, the extent of the coverage remains under the editorial control of the local media.


De Beers Group reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.


Entrants must comply with all the above mentioned rules, and are deemed to have accepted and agreed to them when entering into the competition.

If you have any queries at all, please contact your local De Beers Group of Companies office or email


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